Turismo rural en Foixà

Rural Tourism in Foixà

Foixà is a picturesque municipality located in the Baix Empordà región.

Surrounded by farmland, hills, and forests, it stands out throughout the year for its natural beauty and magnificent panoramic views over the plain known as "Empordanet." Witnessing its transformation from season to season is truly wonderful.

For photography enthusiasts and painting aficionados, we recommend not leaving their passion at home and preparing to capture memories on film or canvas. From our rural house, you can paint or photograph iconic places such as Foixà Castle, Montgri Castle, and on clear days, even the Medes Islands.

At Mas Darovie, you will find peace, relaxation, inspiration—make the most of these days to connect with nature.

Hiking enthusiasts can enjoy exploring the various routes offered by the municipality, whether venturing into the forests or traversing the medieval remnants that characterize this magnificent village.

As mentioned, hiking is a highly versatile activity. Starting from our rural house, you can choose from a myriad of routes. Here are two references to give you an idea.

If you look from our terrace, you'll see a medieval castle. This is a straightforward cultural route suitable for all skill levels.Through rural paths, there is an opportunity to explore the surroundings of the castle.

The castle dates back to the 11th century and is an impressive example of medieval military architecture. During the Middle Ages, Foixà played a prominent role in the region's history, being an important commercial and cultural center.

On the same route, you'll find a cross in homage to John I, also known as the Hunter King, who died at this location in 1396 during a hunting expedition.

If you continue the route to the main square of the village, you'll find the so called Lion Fountain, dating back to the 18th century. There, you'll also find the Church of Sant Joan, built in the 16th century in Gothic style.

The Mills Route is also suitable for all skill levels, with a duration of about 2.5 hours. In this route, you can see some of the mills that are still preserved. Different panels explain the history of these mills and their importance to the local economy.

For those traveling with children, it's essential to know what our municipality has to offer.

Very close to our rural tourism, there is a playground for the little ones to enjoy. In the same area, there is a health park for those who like to stay fit. This playground is only 300m from our location. A little further up from the playground, you can enjoy a magnificent polished asphalt court for playing football, basketball, or skating.

In our facilities, we have a fully fenced pool for the safety of children, a trampoline for jumping, football goals, and a ping-pong table.

We hope that our information is helpful to our guests, and they come to discover and fall in love with this idyllic place, where they can daydream, fill their lungs with fresh air, create memories of a getaway with friends or family, admire the landscapes, and enjoy one of the best locations in the Empordà.

Lugares de interés

Places of interest

Historical fact: King John I of Spain, also known as the Hunter King, died during a hunt in 1396 in the vicinity of the mediaeval castle of Foixà. A cross on the road to Foixà Castle commemorates this event.

Just 5 minutes away is Púbol, home to the Gala-Dalí Museum, where Salvador Dalí and his wife Gala lived for a time.

It certainly has an unbeatable location, being only 10 minutes from La Bisbal d'Empordà and 20 minutes from the Costa Brava's renowned beaches and the city of Girona.

To the north are the ruins of Ampurias and its attractive beaches. To the south are three pretty fishing villages: Calella de Palafrugell, Llafranc and Tamariu.

From this peaceful enclave you can visit mediaeval villages such as Rupià, Monells, Cruïlles, Peratallada and Pals.

All in all, a special place for a holiday or weekend getaways.



Hello, I'm Rosa, the manager responsible for ensuring that your vacations or weekend getaways are as comfortable as possible. As you already know, Mas Darovie is a rural house for 10 guests, and what many of you may not know is that we opened recently, specifically on April 1, 2023. It is an honor for me that the owners of the house trusted me to embark on this new adventure.

In this blog, I will talk to you about gastronomy, undoubtedly an essential part of your getaways with family or friends. The Mediterranean diet is well known worldwide, and here I will talk about restaurants or places that may be to your liking or interest. The location of the house is fantastic for exploring the Costa Brava, the Baix Empordà, the Alt Empordà, and the Gironés. We are surrounded by places that we can recommend to all our guests, so in addition to having a unique rural accommodation, you can have an interesting gastronomic experience.

We will start with places closest to our rural house and then gradually move further away, in case you'd like to visit some nearby medieval towns or discover some of the wonderful beaches that surround us.

The neighboring town of Rupià is just a five-minute drive away, and there you can find Dos Kiwis Brewery, where craft beer enthusiasts can enjoy various flavors and colors of this refreshing beverage. You can also taste it alongside dishes prepared at their Food Truck and sometimes even with live music.

Continuing on our route, we come to the town of Púbol, well-known for being part of the Dalinian triangle. Here, I can recommend two places: on one hand, the Can Bosch Restaurant, where you can savor a high-quality daily menu, as they call it here, "pagès" style. It is located in front of the Gala-Dalí House Museum. On the other hand, there's the És! Carxofa restaurant, located in the town's main square. It's sure to captivate you. Aside from various dishes, I recommend trying their exquisite paellas. They work a lot with seasonal produce, so the menu changes depending on the time of year.

Heading towards Bisbal d’Empordà to discover all kinds of ceramics, we come across a place called L’Illa. Its appearance might not be very attractive, but it's one of the best places for a traditional fork and knife lunch with options like fish and meat.

As we reach Corçà, right at the entrance, we find two restaurants for the most discerning palates: La Bòbila and Bo·tic, the latter having been awarded two Michelin stars. However, here, reservations should be made in advance, and be prepared to open your wallet for a unique dining experience. At the exit of the same municipality, we find La Vil·la de Corcà, a menu restaurant with slightly higher prices than usual but with more elaborate cuisine. You can also order à la carte, and it has a playground if you're traveling with children.

Now we're in Bisbal d’Empordà, strolling and marveling at its ceramic offerings. If you want something different, like sushi, you can go to Can Kai Taro. Apart from enjoying their dishes on-site, you can take the food back to our house and enjoy it there. Or perhaps you want something more casual. There's El Passeig, where you can enjoy tapas or the typical "espardenya" (pizza-like dish) of the municipality while observing the passage of time in this unique place.

Returning to our rural house, we head to the Costa Brava. Just a 10-minute drive away, we find a typical Catalan farmhouse where you can take the kids to visit an animal farm and then enjoy a typical menu, right there at the farm. The specific place is called Can Casadellà, in Serra de D’Aró.

Continuing our journey, we will enjoy the pleasant promenade of L'Estartit. There you can find different restaurants. We recommend the Santa Clara Restaurant, near the promenade, which offers delicious seafood tapas, or Gelatone pizzeria, also highly recommended.

Let's explore some of the beaches of the Costa Brava. For example, in summer, it's very typical to go to Pollos de Pals, a restaurant where you can taste roasted chicken and a good sangria upon returning from the beach.

We continue and arrive in Palamós, where a plethora of restaurants can exceed your expectations. In this case, we recommend Bar Petit, located at the port by the beach. Or El Celler de la Planassa, near the fishing port, and La Gamba. Remember that Palamós is well-known for its red prawns, which are undoubtedly exquisite.

We return to our starting point, our rural house, and this time, instead of heading to Baix Empordà, we'll go to Alt Empordà.

Just 7 minutes from the house, you'll find Mas Pi at the entrance of Verges, a place where you can relax in the inner courtyard, have a drink, enjoy live concerts, and choose from a wide variety of dishes from the menu or à la carte.

We head to L’Escala, well-known for its anchovies, a delicacy you shouldn't miss in this magnificent setting. Els Pescadors restaurant and Marisquería Miryam are also places that may fit your visit to this town.

Today, you plan to visit l'Alt Empordà, specifically to visit Ampuriabrava, our Catalan Venice, where you can dine at various places. In this case, we recommend Enjoy, located on the promenade, or Pura Brasa.

Cadaqués: many of our guests tell us they intend to spend the day there, so we'll recommend two places. When you arrive by car at the main beach of the town and turn left, you'll explore various hidden coves and eventually reach a point where you'll find two beach bars with spectacular views. Either of the two beach bars is highly recommended, though I personally like La Sal Es Xiringuito Ses Oliveres. We also encourage you to try els Taps de Cadaqués, sweets you can find in the town's bakeries.

We try to make the most of our family vacations, exploring everything around us. Today, we've decided to visit Girona, where I recommend the El Provocador restaurant (for meat, fish, and more...). If you want something different, try the Mexican 1810 Tacos and Tapas. I especially recommend their mango Margaritas. Of course, I can't fail to recommend one of the most famous and sought-after restaurants in the Girones: El Celler de Can Roca, for the most exquisite palates.

We hope this blog is to your liking and helpful for your getaways to Mas Darovie!

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